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Through teachings, exercises and examples from her own life, Sita shows readers how to transform their lives. Married to a narcissist, in a foreign country, with a baby and no job, Sita realized she could not stay in the marriage. Her mental and emotional health were suffering and she understood that if she didn’t heal what brought her here, it would get passed down to her son. A deep understanding of the law of attraction coupled with a regular meditation practice brought Sita through this period of struggle and led her to the life she had always longed for. Now happily remarried, her son thriving in his 20s, Sita wants to share with others how she got here and show them how they can do the same.

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Here I would like to offer some of the practical tools and resources that have helped me on my own healing journey. Some are specifically made to assist you in your journey through my book. Others are general, to be used as needed. Trust your intuition to guide you to the one you need today!

Quick Overview of Tapping Points

Introduction to Meditation for Beginners

A Meditation to Start Your Day

Meditation to Release Pain

In this meditation you can learn to speak with and listen to your body more. Energy follows breath and attention, so you can release pain this way. Learn to understand what your pain is trying to tell you.

Meditation to End Your Day with Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful energy. Ending your day with gratitude will help to cocreate more to be grateful for tomorrow!
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